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Sten Jakobsson
Board member since 2018
EducationMSc in Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
Other experienceChief Executive Officer and president of ABB Sweden.
Other current assignmentsBoard member of SAAB Aktiebolag and Xylem Inc.
Previous assignments over the last five yearsChairman of the Board of Bliekevare Nät AB, Hedbodberget Säliträdberget Bliekevare Finans AB, PWP Produktion AB, Hedbodberget Säliträdberget Bliekevare Holding AB, Bliekevare Vind AB, Hedbodberget Vind AB, Röbergsfjället Nät AB, Säliträdberget Vind AB, Röbergsfjället Vind AB, Brahehus Vind AB, EnBW Sverige Vind AB, Granberget Vind AB, Röbergsfjället Finans AB, Sjisjka Brahehus Finans AB, Sjisjka Brahehus Holding AB and Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag. Board member of Stena Metall Aktiebolag.

Holdings in the Company



Independent in relation to the Group Management. Independent in relation to major shareholders.