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The market

Arla Plast is primarily active on the European market for extruded plastic sheets made of PC, ABS and PETG. The Company sells plastic sheets in over 45 countries worldwide and competes primarily on the European market. The extruded plastic sheets have many different areas of application in several industries.

Plastic sheets made of PC

Arla Plast has a strong European position in plastic sheets made of PC, which includes both solid plastic sheets (transparent PC (“TPC”) and opaque PC (“OPC”)), as well as multiwall polycarbonate sheets (“MWPC”). Arla Plast’s production can be divided into three product categories:

TPC: for a variety of products that demand good optical performance (such as safety glass, vehicle windows and ice hockey rinks), as well as for purposes such as machine glazing, sound walls, protective barriers (e.g. for COVID-19) and pool covers.

OPC: for products such as suitcases, wall cladding, packaging and vehicles.

MWPC: for products such as greenhouses, verandas, pool covers, roof lights, and various other construction-related products.


Plastic sheets made of ABS

Arla Plast holds a strong regional position in ABS sheets in Northern Europe. The products are mainly used for interior and exterior automotive parts (such as interior parts and exterior hoods for buses and trucks), as well as for packaging, but can also be used for many other purposes.

Plastic sheets made of PETG

Arla Plast holds a strong European position in PETG sheets. Plastic sheets made of PETG are used for product displays, barrier products, wall cladding and various food-related products.