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Nomination comittee

The Nomination comitte represents the shareholders. The main task is to propose candidates for the Chairman of General Meetings, candidates for members of the Board, including the Chairman of the Board, fees and other remuneration of Board members and remuneration for committee work, as well as the appointment and remuneration of external auditors. If called for, the Nomination Committee should also propose to the AGM changes in the instruction for the Nomination Committee. 

Information regarding the composition of the Nomination Committee will be posted here on the website not later than six months prior to the AGM. If a member is appointed by a given shareholder, the shareholder┬┤s name will be stated. Information will be posted on the website avout how shareholders can submit proposals to the Nomination Committee. The mandate period of the Nomination Committee shall extend until a new Nomination Committee has been appointed. 

The Nomination Committe┬┤s proposal will be presented in the notice of the AGM and here on the website.