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Remuneration to Group Management

At the AGM 2024 it was resolved to adopt guidelines for remuneration to senior executives. The guidelines shall apply to remuneration of the CEO, other members of the Group Management and, where applicable, remuneration of Board members in addition to Board fees. The guidelines do not apply to remuneration decided or approved by the General Meeting.  

Remuneration shall be competitive and in line with market practice and may consist of a fixed salary, short-term variable remuneration, other benefits and pension. The total remuneration package may also include long-term variable remunderation. Long-term variable remuneration is decided by the General Meeting and is therefore not covered by the guidelines. 

Fixed salary

The fixed salary shall consist of a fixed annual cash salary. The fixed salary shall be in line with the market and determined taking into account responsibility, expertise and performance. The fixed salary is reviewed every year. 

Short-term variable remuneration

In addition to fixed salary, Arla Plast shall be able to offer short-term variable remuneration. The short-term variable remuneration shall be linked to predetermined and measurable criteria that can be financial or non-financial. They may also be individualized quantitative or qualitative targets. The criteria shall be designed to promote the company┬┤s business strategy, long-term interests and sustainability. For the CEO, short-term variable remuneration, if any, may not exceed 40 percent of the fixed annual salary in any one financial year. For other members of Group Managment, short-term variable remuneration in any one financial year may not exceed 30 percent of the fixed annual salary. 


Pension benefits, including sickness/disability insurance, shall be classified as either defined benefit or defined contribution and may not exceed 30 percent ot the fixed annual salary. 

Other benefits

Other benefits may include health insurance, car benefit, housing benefit and fitness susidy. Where such benefits are offered, they must be in line with market practice and only constitute a limited portion of total remuneration. Premiums and other costs related to such benefits may not amount to a total of more than 20 percent of the fixed annual salary. 

Notice period and severance pay

The notice period for the CEO from the company may not exceed 12 months. In the event of resignation by the CEO, the period of notice may not exceed six months, without entitlement to severance pay. The notice period for other senior executives is six months if employment is terminated by the company and four months if employment is terminated by the employee. 

Total fixed salary during the period of notice and severance pay, including compensation for any non-competition clause, may not exceed an amount equal to two years┬┤ fixed salary.  

Agreement on remuneration after termination of assignment

No Board members or senior executives have a post-employment benefit agreement (with hte exception of normal termination pay for the CEO and senior executives). The company has no amounts set aside or accrued for pensions or similar benefits following cessation of service of Board members or senior executives. 

Deviation from the guidelines

The Board of Directors may resolve to derogate from the guidelines, in whole or in part, if in a specific case there is special cause for the derogation and a derogation is necessary to serve the long-term interests of Arla Plast, including its sustainability, or to ensure the financial viability of Arla Plast. 

Remuneration to Group Managment in 2023

SEK millionBase salaryVariable remunerationPensionOther benefitsTotal
Christian Krichau, Group CEO2.
Other senior executives (five people)
Senior executives in total

The company currently has no outstanding share-related incentive programs