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Remuneration to the Board

The remuneration and other compensation of the members of the Board of Directors, including the Chairman, is determined by the AGM.

At the AGM 2023, it was resolved that the remuneration for the period until the end of the next AGM shall be 400 000 SEK to the Chairman of the Board and 220 000 SEK each to the other members of the Board elected by the AGM who are not company employees, 40 000 SEK to the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee, and 70 000 SEK to the Chairman of the Audit Committee and 40 000 SEK each to the other members of the Audit Committee. According to the company´s guidelines for remuneration to senior executives, if a Board member performs work on behalf of the company in addition to Board work, a consultant´s fee or other remuneration for such work may be paid.  

Remuneration in 2022

Board fees
Audit Committe
Remuneration Committe
Total Board fees
Kenneth Synnersten
Annelie Arnbäck
Ulf Hedlundh
Sten Jakobsson
Leif Nilsson
Ola Salmén
Jan Synnersten
BoD, total