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New chairman and two new members are proposed to the Board of Arla Plast

Press release
The Nomination Committee of Arla Plast announces today that the Nomination Committee proposes Jan Synnersten as new chairman of the Board. Jan Synnersten has been a member of the Board since may 2021. Jan Synnersten has a long experience from Arla PlastĀ“s business and is today the major owner and chairman of the Board of QuickNet AB.

The Nomination Committee also proposes re-election as member of the Board of Directors : Leif Nilsson, Ola Salmén, Annelie Arnbäck and Ulf Hedlundh and as new members Thomas Widstrand and Maria Catoni.

Kenneth Synnersten and Sten Jakobsson have declined re-election at the AGM 2023.

Thomas Widstrand has an MBA from Gothenburg School of Economics and is presently the President and CEO of Troax Group AB. Thomas Widstrand is also a member of the Board of Directors of Balco Group AB.

Maria Catoni has an MBA from Borås University and is the CFO of ESBE Group AB. Maria also has experience as auditior at PWC.   

The full proposal from the Nomination Committee will be presented in the Notice of Arla Plast´s Annual General Meeting 2023. The AGM will be held on May 10, 2023. The Nomination Committee prior the AGM 2023 consists of the following members:

Lars Kvarnsund, Svolder AB
Kenneth Synnersten, Synnersten Invest
Fredrik Persson, Nortal Investment


For more information
Lars Kvarnsund, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, Tel: +46 70 5165998